Rachel Gisewhite, PhD
Managing Editor
Rachel is a published author, editorial board member for an academic journal in her field, and has 12 years of experience editing various texts. She has a bachelor's degree in Marine Sciences from the University of South Carolina and a master's degree and PhD from the University of Georgia in Science Education. She offers a unique perspective to our team having authored and presented scientific, educational, and philosophical papers. Along with editing for EditPro, she has the privilege of selecting an appropriate editor for your work and keeping up with our social media.
Our editorial team is comprised of experienced authors and editors, and all of our team members have advanced degrees in their field. Our editors come from a wide range of backgrounds to ensure that we have just the right fit for your project. They are efficient, exhaustive, and timely. Our editors will contact you personally to determine your goals for the project and will work until you are satisfied with the final product.

We look forward to being your second set of eyes!